Speed and value

Give your clients more of what they need… and less of what they don’t…

Web applications should be designed to create business value, not take it away! We design applications that support your business goals, and ensure your clients can interact with your company efficiently and easily.

The money pit

Never-ending costs overruns, consultants who don’t have real expertise, and shifting requirements are all common problems with web application development. This sort of lackadaisical execution costs you money, time and business opportunities. At Antidot, our solutions are cost-effective, well-defined and delivered on time so that you can keep growing your business instead of wasting its resources.


Application Security and Privacy

Feeling insecure? Let us assure you…

Data security is a key to successful e-commerce and business-to-business applications. We can design secure solutions for you so you never need worry about the integrity or safety of your business data.

Too much information!

You can’t create applications that compromise your client’s privacy, and more and more clients are asking for verifiable safeguards for their information. We can help you manage your client’s needs in applications that support your client’s need for sensitivity and business judgment.

In the vault…

Great web applications ensure that people who really need to know information get to it quickly and efficiently…. but only those who really need to know. Our applications are designed to support different views of information based on what you need people to do, easily and effectively.

Technical Expertise

We are not basement-dwellers…

Today, a lot of web development; is done by people who are, let’s say, less than technically expert. They know how to make web pages, and maybe even write some script, but for sharp technical solutions that are business-proved and reliable, you need people who know the technologies needed to solve problems. We look above ground level and can help you make the best technical choices for your business goals.

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