Antidot is founded

Arnaud Selvais, Internet Professional active in Belgium since 1996 founds “Antidot Conception Multimedia” together with Sebastien Le Grand.

30 Sep. 1999
Antidot is founded


Our 1st Content Management System is developed

Named AUSE (Antidot Universal Site Editor), Antidot launches its first CMS developed in PHP. In 2015 some websites were still running that CMS !

1 Dec. 2001


Mobistar extranet: 1st release

Powered by AUSE, Antidot delivers the first release of Mobistar’s resellers extranet.

27 Aug. 2002
Mobistar Extranet 1st release


Mobistar extranet: 5th anniversary

From a “simple” communcation aimed extranet, Antidot now develops a complex transactional system, with intelligent forms, allowing E2E automation of the whole Mobsitar’s customer activation process.

27 Aug. 2007
Mobistar Extranet 5 years


We expand collaboration with other Telco operators in Asia, Europe …

Antidot starts collaboration with MVNO enabler Effortel. First project: develop a web based order capture tool allowing E2E automation of Carrefour Taiwan Telecom’s customers’ activation requests

Effortel collaboration


Our 2nd Content Management System is developed

Based on the Zend Framework, and making intensive use of Javascript, Antidot issues its second generation Application and Content Management framework: Sydney

Sydney CMS developed


Scrum officially adopted !

Of course: for relevant projects ! Now: big size projects, like for example Mobistar, will be developed using Scrum methodology.

13 Apr. 2011
Scrum adopted


First Certified PHP Engineer at Antidot

Considered as a strategical prerequisite, Antidot team members now follow a heavy certification path. For developers: PHP certification is THE starting point.

24 Jun. 2011
Certified PHP Engineer


First certified Scrum Master at Antidot

Confirmation of the strategical decision took earlier in 2011: Antidot decides to go further in Agility adoption.

17 Feb. 2012
Certified Scrum Master


Mobistar extranet: 10th anniversary

For more than 10 years Antidot and Mobistar work in close collaboration to deliver a high quality business critical portal for all Mobistar internal and external sales channel.

27 Aug. 2012
Mobistar Extranet 10 years


Mobile app for Mobistar

Antidot delivers a backbone.js mobile app to Mobistar, enabling sales man to perform recommendations and customer care activities within their shop using a simple tablet.

13 Sep. 2013
Mobile App for Mobistar


Durobor website

Responsive, powered by Sydney, Antidot launches new website for world renown belgian glass manufacturer: Durobor.

17 Sep. 2013
Durobor Website


Our Sydney CMS is now open source!

Now officially available on GitHub in open source.

7 Sep. 2014
Sydney Open Source


Kids and Diabete app launch

Developed using Appcelerator Titanium, in about 6 langages, including Chinese, Arabic and Hindi, Antidot delivers for International Diabete Foundation a cross platform educative app, targeting the whole planet.

6 May 2015
Kids and Diabete App


Appcelerator Titanium Experts

The whole Antidot’s development team is now Certified Developer and Certified Expert from Appcelerator Titanium

12 Jun. 2015
Certified Appcelerator Titanium


First delivery for bpost !

For Belgian Post group, leader in logistics in Belgium, Antidot develops now a WordPress plugin enabling Woocommerce interfacing with bpost backends.

27 Nov. 2015
bpost Plugin


Poply app – iPhone version

First release of Evolution Land’s Poply app is developed. iPhone version only.

8 Dec. 2015
Poply Launch


Poply app : 100 000 users

Androïd version meanwhile available; Poply creates the buzz in France, Belgium and the UK …

2 Mar. 2016
Poply 100 000 users


Food Truck Finder app launch

For the Brussels Food Truck Festival, Antidot delivers the official food truck finder for Europe

5 May 2016
Brussels Food Truck Festival


New website Autominiature.be goes live!

Built with WordPress and Woocommerce, the new e-shop of Autominiature is now online.
Hundreds of very rare miniatures and models sold all over the world each month!

1 Jun. 2016
Autominiature WordPress Woocommerce


New website Festymarket.be now in production

Built using Prestashop framework, Festymarket proposes nearly 2.000 references of party and disguise costumes to its customers.

30 Oct. 2016
Festymarket Prestashop

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