What is SCRUM


Since 2011, Antidot has adopted the Agile Scrum framework in relevant big projects.

Scrum is an agile software development framework helping to manage and deliver projects and maximizing the value delivered to the customer. It emphasizes incremental and iterative development. It brings a dynamic and participative approach to the project management.

One of the main goals is to deliver quickly operational prototype so that the customer or the stakeholders can use and inspect it. The evaluation of the delivered features helps defining and planning the next development steps. Those steps are executed in strong collaboration between the customers and the developer’s team.

In complex projects, there is usually a high risk to have incorrect estimations and incorrect understanding of customer needs. With Scrum we accept that projects have a part of uncertainty. This part is reduced at each iteration when decisions are taken following the review of what has already been done.

Benefits for the customer

As a customer or a stakeholder you will appreciate some interests in this agile environment:

  • Regular deliveries of software that works (every 2 weeks)
  • Close collaboration between the business and the developers
  • Changing requests are welcome during the development
  • Transparency and visibility in the project management
  • Productivity is increased
  • Time-to-market improvement
  • Continuous alignment between the business needs and the deliverables

As you are involved in the decision process, your project will match with your real needs; and you will benefit higher value for money.

Benefits for the team

The cherry on the cake, is that, in our daily practice, we observe some benefits for our team members:

  • Integration of new members in our project teams is much more easier
  • The team is self-organized
  • The team members engagement is increased
  • Easy adaptation to environment changes
  • Continuous improvements on technical and organizational levels
  • Team satisfaction is increased

For a good Scrum practice, Antidot has in his team several certified ‘Professional Scrum Product Owners” and “Professional Scrum Master”.

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