In less than 20 years, it revolutionized the way we live: from communication flows, to online gaming, and tools used for anyone’s daily work …

At Antidot, we consider that today any modern piece of software must be “Internet-based”; whether it is a mobile app interacting with a web based backend, or instead: a web app running in a “simple” browser.

This light client paradigm allows to build portable solutions, ease their deployment, and optimize the TCO.

Therefore, at Antidot, we master all the building blocks underlying web-based sites or apps.

We master client side programming, we are experts at server side coding, and our System Administrators master all layers of the network and server system stack.

At Antidot we also consider that your web site and/or mobile apps are important for your business.

Therefore: they have to be up and running, accessible for their users, and delivering a satisfying end user experience, free of bugs.

To cope with those prerequisites, we use well known software engineering techniques to build robust web-solutions, and follow operational best practices to ensure its uptime all around the clock with guaranteed Level of Service.

At Antidot, we consider that any web-site or app must meet your business needs to make sense.

During the early stage of the project, our Analysts will help you to clarify the goals of the project, how to reach them, and finally how to measure the success of the project.

We analyze the business process related to your project, define the key functional requirements, design the technical architecture, and set up along with you the relevant KPI. All those activities are carried on in concordance with your strategy and business case.

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