Angular JS

Angular is a powerful and recent Javascript framework, officially supported by Google. It is very efficient to build Single Page Applications.


Appcelerator Titanium

A very powerful framework to build native code-based cross platform apps. Supported by a very strong community, Appcelerator allows to deliver best of mobile experience on any device, while being very cost-effective during code development stage.


Beyond virtualization: containerization! Docker is a new way of mutualizing resources, while isolating app execution. It is far more portable than VM’s and open new perspectives for a more efficient and flexible approach of apps development, deployment and hosting.


A modern and robust code repository is needed for efficient team work and code versioning management. Git offers all that we need: flexibility, stability, and much more.


Javascript – Node JS

Born during the 90’ies , Javascript is THE client-side programming language of the Internet. Used with a framework or not; Javascript allows us to build rich and complex web or mobile based apps. Now, thanks to Node JS, Javascript can run on the server-side as well.


Build and tasks automation is a crucial component of DevOps approach. We choose for Jenkins to handle these activities.


Powerful open source database engine, now owned by Oracle. At Antidot we use MySQL for more than 15 years now.


One of the most famous programming language on the web, used by the biggest players and powering the most famous web-apps. At Antidot: our programmers are PHP Certified Engineers and practice Object Oriented programming.


Prestashop is a flexible and powerful PHP-based e-commerce platform. It powers thounsands of webshops around de world and proposes more than 5000 add-ons and plugins. Now in version 1.7 Prestahop is based on Symfony PHP development framework.


We were using Scrum before Agile becomes “hot”. Today: we have several certified Product Owners and Scrum Masters in our team.


Sydney is a very flexible Open Source Application Framework. Built with PHP, Zend Framework and jQuery mostly, Sydney is freely available on github.
See Sydney in action on Youtube.


A famous and worldwide used PHP framework, now existing in its third version. Symfony allows PHP developers huge productivity gains by proposing a lot of code “bundles” out of the box, but also it allows to build stable, robust and powerful web apps; respecting best coding practices and patterns.

Unit Testing

No professional programming without testing. Used at Antidot, Php Unit is the must have library for efficient testing of PHP based web-apps. For our Javascript developments we do test with Mocha testing framework.

WooCommerce – WordPress

No need to present WordPress, the famous PHP-based blog engine; extendable to meet nearly any need. Especially, to build e-shops, the Woocommerce extension is the most recommended solution.

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